Marketing support, advice and action. For enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

I help you with what you say, how and to whom. Writing words and using email, web, social media, and offline stuff too.

I am going to offer you one piece of advice to help you to help your business, whatever your challenges or goals are – get in touch with Tom. I guarantee you will be delighted.

Tracey Bird

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Owning – and growing – your business is tough without support. You know you need to do more marketing, but you either aren’t sure where to start, can’t quite get around to it, or simply don’t have the time. Affordable marketing support…

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Creative Agencies & IT Firms

External support to either add extra skills to your offering – such as email marketing, copywriting etc. – or as an ‘overflow’ option when things start to get really busy and you need someone to free up a bit of your time. Here are a few ways I can help you…

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Growing / Medium-Sized Companies

Growing fast – or planning to – but without the need, yet, for your own marketing department (or one that needs a bit of occasional external help)? I can help you plan, execute and manage your marketing strategy, from initial ideas to making sure things get done – whether I’m doing the work or organising others.

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  • You probably own your own business, or are involved in the management and running of it – either way you’re incredibly enthusiastic about it
  • You have a desire to improve your business and life, whether through business growth, earning more money, reducing your hours or any of the many other options available to make yourself happier
  • You believe in honesty, trust and long-term relationships – you are trying to create a business which deals with people fairly; you’re not trying to scam your way to success


  • I’ve provided various marketing services – starting 16 years ago with just websites and growing into email, copywriting and the rest
  • I’m available on 07799 527 781 pretty much whenever – although it’s best to book in calls if possible. I’m happy to talk evenings and weekends if I’m available although obviously can’t guarantee it.
  • I charge a simple, straightforward fee of £35 per hour – we’ll settle-up every fortnight or so.


  • We’ll start off with a quick phone call just to check we get on OK, get to know each other a bit and find out what problems you need to solve.
  • We will start by working out what you need to achieve – what are you trying to do with your business, what’s important to you, who do you need to be communicating with, and in what style?
  • We can start with a small project to see how things work, or if there’s something bigger you need straight away then that’s no problem either.